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Fitbit Weights

Speaking of extracting data from websites... and of marriage... Adam and I just spent the morning looking at our weight data from our fitbit scale. Surprisingly, our weight changes track each other very closely in terms of absolute pounds, despite Adam weighing about 36% more than me.

Weight over (unix timestamp) time

The swoop down in the beginning is winter settling over Seattle and us going to the gym to lift weights and play squash. We were still going to the gym as our weights trended up again.

Hypothesis: Adam making hella loaves of bread and piles of tortillas made us gain weight.
Observation: False, weight gain happened before bread-making.

Hypothesis: People let themselves go after marriage.
Observation: Effect seems small, however wedding planning is stressful and seems to leads to more weight gain... although that gain wasn't just fat in our case, it was actually from going to the gym.

Hypothesis: It was muscle mass!
Observation: Looking at the fitbit lean vs. fat charts not shown here, it was indeed a couple pounds of muscle gained.

Notes about dietary patterns: Before we moved, we were eating out a lot, and now we're eating out about once a week max. The eating out could have been 'stress', but I actually think it was the weather turning sunny and beautiful and us deciding it was our duty to experience as many restaurants within walking distance around Capitol Hill as possible before we moved. We also simply had more daylight hours to spend eating and drinking.

Notes about exercise: It's a lot harder to be active since we moved since there's no walking to/from buses and no access to a gym. I try to run around the neighborhood a couple times a week and we go hiking from time to time.

Anyway, I went into this blaming the bread, but now I see it's not a big effect. Gym + eating out + maybe more daylight seemed to be the main cause of weight gain. Hopefully we can get this chart to trend downward again, or at least stay stable.

The most interesting thing to take away is just how closely our weights follow each other!

How we got the data

From the fitbit website, we looked at the crome debugger network log to see when the data for the weight graph was loaded. It comes from a url like this:

Privacy-wise, you have to be logged in to your own account to see your own data.