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Blogpact 2014

I was part of a blogpact last year. A bunch of smart and interesting folks from around the internet (but connected to people I knew) challenged themselves to write a blog post every week. Eventually, it dried up and got down to just 2 or 3 people posting intermittently. That was kind of sad and actually discouraged me from blogging. Thus, I'm starting up a new blogpact with a fresh new batch of people! YOU should totally be part of it!

Yea! Let's blog together!

Steps to be involved: 

  1. Get yourself a blog (I just use blogger) and commit to writing stuff in it on a weekly basis 
  2. Email me (kathleen . tuite AT gmail) the link to your blog's feed (e.g. mine is 
  3. Visit the aggregator website where posts will be slurped up and combined on an hourly basis! 

First week: 

Since I'm just setting this up now, the first week will start today, and the weeks will end on Sundays. That is, your first post should come in by next Sunday, January 12, 2014. If you join later, just start whenever makes sense!


The only penalty for missing a post is that I will eventually add a thing that says how long it's been since each person posted. And, ya know, you'll miss out on the practice of writing something and putting your thoughts out into the world. 


If you need inspiration for what to write about, I have arbitrarily thought of the following topics:
  • Something you learned recently that was cool, maybe why and how you learned it, and if others should learn it, too
  • Something you created recently, whether it be out of foodstuffs, code, clay, robot parts...
  • An introduction to something you consider yourself an expert in
  • An introduction to something you're not an expert in but would like to learn about, thus getting you to learn a bit about it
  • Books you read in 2013 that stuck with you
  • Anything else you did in 2013 that stuck with you
  • What you imagine the world to possibly be like in 5/10/50/100/1000 years or a sci-fi gadget you wish existed now
  • Someone you admire