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make IRC go (and stay going)

Liveblogging figuring out IRC?! Okay.

Adam and his old grad school buddies have a channel. Adam checks it by going to a server somewhere and looking at it in a terminal. He's always idling in there or somethign so he gets to read the history and see what people were doing when he wasn't looking at it. I've been using IRC through Adium a little bit, but it's not the same.
Hello, Adium...
The first couple steps are just about running an IRC client on a server... which I happen to have already. And then the last steps apply to anyone who is kind of an IRC noob like me, regardless of how they got into the IRC chatroom. (In addition to a chat client like Adium for mac, there are also webpages that let you connect to freenode IRC rooms.) (For web, try this one: Just put #channelname in the box with the hashtag in front.)

1. SSH into a remote server. I have an amazon box through EC2 or something. One of the tiny ones. It runs the sketchabit webpage.

2. Run a screen. "screen -R" I love screen so much, it lets me do work and have things keep running and reconnect later even when I close my ssh connection.

3. Try to use Irssi, which is a linux IRC client. Find it installed! Learn it is because Adam installed it on my server an hour ago because he anticipated this desire of mine. You probably will need to install it yourself. 

4. /connect

5. /nick kaflurbaleen
(to change my username because "kathleen" was taken)

6. /join #adadevacademy

7. /names
(to see who's around... oh look, the version of me signed in on Adium is there.)

8. Detach with the magical screen detach command that is muscle memory now. Ctrl-A (let go) D

9. Apparently I can cycle between irssi windows with Esc (let go) [left or right Arrow Keys]
I can also do /win 1 and /win 2 to cycle

Other things Adam is telling me right now:
/me is some action where I would say
/me is a kitty! and it would say "* kaflurbaleen is a kitty"

10. Private message someone by saying /msg <their name, which you can tab complete> <the message> which will make another window that you can get to with tip #9 above. Quit that with /q 

Chat box in the terminal! Yeah!

11. Try it from my iPhone, where I can log into my amazon box using ServerAuditor.


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