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Ingress Day 0

I got an Ingress invite, although I'm not sure I entered the activation code in anywhere. Anyway, I have it on a phone now and I tried it out briefly.

Keep in mind, it's cold and dark all the time in Seattle until Spring comes back in June.

The app looks very pretty. It's also trying to be way more epic than I care for. Just tell me your real purpose, app! Not this dressed up fake sci-fi.

*clickity clackity* THIS CHAT IS NOT SECURE! 

Blah blah blah. I believed the Blight in Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep was some wicked intelligent mold. But this "exotic matter" I don't buy.

The tutorial leads me through some squelchy grass to slurp up energy. That's okay, I like it when apps change the way I interact with the real world.

Then I go through several more missions that have me standing in the cold, poking buttons on my phone. Hack the portal, collect the thing, deploy the thing, fire the crap, charge the resonator, poke poke poke. There are no actual portals near by so this is all done with a fake test portal. Blah blah blah. I'm just standing in one place except when I have to walk 5 feet to get into our out of the range of something. I can't internalize these mechanics because I don't know why I'm doing them.

I couldn't see any real portals nearby until I went back inside and poked at the map with warmer fingers. They're out there. I guess I'll go by those on the way home and try "playing" "for real".

Taking photos wasn't part of the game *SAD FACE* but I took one anyway.