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Game Jam Game: A Corgi's Dream

This, uh, information is really old in internet time (form a month and a half ago) but I wanted to include it in the blog anyway. In early August, a bunch of folks from school got together and had a little game jam (and simultaneous cooking extravaganza) and made some games (and made and ate TONS of DELICIOUS FOOD).

Tim brought his Corgi Eddie, which inspired me to add "doggies" as a theme suggestion, and then we picked 4 themes to work with. The chosen ones were: doggies, rejection, trajectory, and sleep.

So my game, "A Corgi's Dream", is basically about a corgi (possibly Eddie) flying around a little corgi dream world and dreaming about kibbles and various dog treats.

You can find lots of photos here on Flickr

And you can play the game here on kongregate, where apparently the internet (which is full of young boys) thinks I sound like a 10 year old boy. Oh well!


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