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ONE MILLION 3D points in Flash

I've been playing around with Flash lately and thinking how to take PhotoCity models to the next level.

I wanted to make a flash-based online model-cleaner-upper, where a user could erase errant points from a dense point cloud. Here's a dense point cloud loaded into flash with the same interaction capabilities as the PhotoCity 'swisher':

Amazingly, there are ONE MILLION 3D POINTS floating in space in that little Flash applet. Unfortunately, there are 6M points in that particular model, and just the 1M points made my computer pretty angry.

I decided to write a blog post instead of implementing the point-erasing, because (I'm sleepy and) I'm not sure I should be going down the Flash route for dense point cloud editing. Maybe/YES for sparse point cloud/bundle editing, though!

Tech specs: I'm using the Sandy 3D engine (a custom StarField, specifically) to draw the points.