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Android Dev Notes

I forgot where all the android dev stuff lived because it's been about 6 or 7 months since I used it. So, some notes to myself about what/where things are.

Eclipse - Yeah.
ADT - Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse.
Accessible from within Eclipse, under Preferences.
SDK and AVD Manager - AVD = Android Virtual Devices.
Accessible from within Eclipse, under Window->SDK and AVD Manager, or by running 'android' from my terminal.
Emulator - Good ol' fake phone.
Start one from the AVD Manager. I think I can close the AVD manager after I've started up a fake phone. Yes.
ADT eclipse plugin preference page
Android SDK and AVD manager!

Also, applications with maps work better once an api key has been obtained ( AND, for some silly reason, the 'custom debug keystore' in android build preferences filled in/set to the same thing as the default debug keystore. I had been getting this error in logcat over and over again, "MapActivity Couldn't get connection factory client", until I did those 2 things.