Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ingress Day 1

Some portals near my house changed color over night and I saw the chats of other players scroll by. There are other humans actively playing this game! That is one thing it has going for it. And even though I complained about XM yesterday, it's alright if I just think of it as "pretty blue sparkles!"

We tromped all around in the morning... trying and failing to find breakfast. Intel gathered: 1) Einstein Bagels lied about its opening date. 2) Saley's Crepes is moving away. 3) B&O has moved away. 4) Thomas St. Bistro has no hours posted and might only be open on weekends.

Sometimes I'd pull out my phone and see if there were portals near by. I had collected all the sparkly nuggets I could until I found a portal to use them on. I finally found some at UW in Red Square, but it felt like I'd already captured Red Square through a different game... (here's a video of Red Square reconstructed from PhotoCity photos)

I finally used up some of my points to hack a few portals, collect some arcane items, and then deploy some shields on a different portal. I tried to link a portal to another portal, but I guess it wasn't close enough.

Then my hands got so cold that they fell off.
Brrrr! Hand stump.

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