Thursday, April 28, 2011

HUGE PhotoCity models!

It's been a year or so since the PhotoCity UW vs. Cornell competition that brought in over 100,000 photos (and that I'm speaking about at CHI soon). For whatever reason (insert mental images of pushing peas around on a dinner plate, poking at code, poking at Noah, repeatedly running out of disk space from trying to process the photos) we had trouble transforming our 50,000 photos of each campus into a single, ginormous, super-point-cloud.


Okay, okay. It's not a single huge model of the ENTIRE campus because I was being cautious, but I currently have TWO SEPARATE MODELS of UW that have 3K and 6K photos each, and dense point clouds with 8M and 19M points, respectively. So exciting!!!

Red Square: 3K photos and 8M dense points. Buildings: Suzzallo library, Kane Hall, Odegard, Meany Hall, the tower things, and part of Mary Gates Hall. YouTube video:

"Fountain Plus": 6K photos, 19M dense points. Top-down view, approximately aligned with map (from memory). Buildings: Suzzallo Library, one side of Allen Library, all of Mary Gates Hall, Guggenheim, Electrical Engineering, part of Aerospace, the circle of Drumheller fountain, and a faint piece of Johnson Hall.

Fountain Plus from a different angle overlooking the fountain.
The software involved is the rome-in-a-day (or otherwise enhanced) super-Bundler code, and CMVS.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey, Point Cloud Library, let's be friends

AKA installing PCL on a mac. Here's what I had to do/get/whatever:


  • cmake (from dmg)
  • eigen 
  • boost (wound up getting this from macports, too)
  • flann (regular ann is already my best friend!)
  • cminpack
  • qhull (from macports)
  • gcc 4.5 (from macports, website version is incomplete)

And this is how gcc gets update and actually used (thanks to help from one of the PCL mailing list members):
sudo port install gcc45
sudo port install gcc_select
Run gcc_select to identify versions available:  "gcc_select -l"
Select gcc45, in my case is was:  "sudo gcc_select mp-gcc45"

More helpful help: