Saturday, October 30, 2010

TIGjam Day 2 and Photos

I decided on a game with Adam, which is to be announced later. The game includes a lot of scrolling to the right and is more about 'the experience' than winning or losing. But it's not an art game! (Or is it?)

We're in between TIGjam days 2 and 3 right now. I am currently blogging from my parents' house because I slept A LOT, which I needed. Yesterday was excellent (more learning, more lively than Thursday) and I bet today will be awesome, too.

This is about what TIGjam looks like during the day:

This is what TIGjam looks like when you stay around until 1am:
Playing games late at night

Two observations about TIGjam:
1. It's a lot like SuperHappyDevHouse, except it actually seems a lot more productive. Maybe because EVERYONE is working on games? Probably because it's 4 days instead of 1 and you feel like you could actually complete something in that time.

2. It's a lot like my lab at school, and damn, I am really lucky to get to make games for my PhD. [I'm a computer science PhD student at UW and my lab makes games like Foldit, Photocity, and Refraction.] I am surround (at TIGjam and at school) by people making games (mostly in Flash), artists, people chatting, people chatting about games. Sometimes there's too much going on and it's hard to work, but it's totally interesting and inspiring if you stop working and pay attention to the conversations around you.

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